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Pastry Chicago is a passionate volunteer association that provides fun educational events for the development and promotion of the pastry arts.


Should you have an event or upcoming class that you would like posted, please send us an email at info@pastrychicago.org.

“In April of 2011, I participated in the Pastry Chicago Cookie Competition, and it made me decide to pursue this education. I had always loved to bake, but I had so much fun preparing, and the competition gave me the confidence I needed to make the decision. It made me realize that I could make a career out of it because there is always something new and interesting that you can discover in pastry. It wasn’t an easy decision; it’s such a different industry than the one I’m in currently, but I know it will be worth the challenges because it makes me happy.”

-Holly St. Meyers,
Student in L’Art de la Pâtisserie at The French Pastry School, January 2012


2014 Decorated Cookie Competition: A Spring Shower of Cookie Flowers 

Pastry Chicago’s Decorated Cookie Competition in Full Bloom


Chicago, Illinois (May 6, 2014) – Cookie competitors helped bring spring to town on Saturday, May 3, by creating an edible garden of cookie flowers at The French Pastry School of Kennedy-King College at City Colleges of Chicago  More than twenty competitor’s at Pastry Chicago’s Seventh Annual Student/Amateur Cookie Competition used Plugrá Butter, King Arthur Flour, American Almond almond products, and Nielsen-Massey Vanillas to create almond shortbread cookies decorated to look like spring flowers and to compete for prizes from KitchenAid and Nielsen-Massey Vanillas.  


Scone Competition 2014: And, the Winners Are...

The First Competition of the Year Features Scones at The French Pastry School
Chicago, Illinois (April 10, 2014) - Saturday's Pastry Chicago Scone Competition brought together avid bakers, culinary students, chefs, food enthusiasts, and local businesses for an event featuring a classic bakery item - the scone. Competitors served up a variety of sweet scones while a savory scone was demonstrated by a chef from The French Pastry School. Sweet or savory, these versatile confections are a cornerstone recipe for bakers.


Pastry Chicago: Showcasing the Art of Pastry